We will communicate the tickets sale date from September 2020.


I need an invoice for my ticket

You can create the invoice by clicking the "Create invoice" button that appears on your ticket at Koliseo. You can generate your invoice up to 30 days after the event.

I want to change my data or transfer my ticket to someone else

You can change the information associated to your ticket (like your name or t-shirt size) from your ticket page in Koliseo, up to one month before the event. To transfer your ticket to someone else, get in contact specifying the Koliseo username of the new ticket holder.

I will not be able to attend. Can I ask for a refund?

In no case will we refund or reimburse any purchased ticket, but you can transfer it to someone else.

I cannot find my ticket in Koliseo.

This can happen when the user signs in using a different account provider from the one used to purchase the ticket (for example, purchase with a Google account and later sign in using Facebook). To Koliseo, these are two different accounts even when they share the same e-mail.

Are there discounts for students or unemployed attendees?

If you are a student or currently unemployed, you can get a "Student/Unemployed" ticket at a reduced price. The day of the event you will be required to show:

  • Student: an ID that documents that you are a student, or that you were a student when you purchased the ticket.

  • Unemployed: an INEM document that shows that you were unemployed by the purchase date of your ticket.

If you transfer your ticket, the new attendee must fulfill the same requirements.

Can I purchase my ticket directly at the venue?

No, you can only get tickets through Koliseo until they are sold out.

Do I need to register to attend a session?

You do not need to register to attend a particular talk or workshop. Your ticket allows you to attend any session, and the available seats will be taken in order of arrival. We make effort to distribute the sessions over the available rooms, but some of them will get more crowded than others and you may not be able to find a seat for the specific session you wanted to attend.

To help us estimate interest for each session, you can bookmark in the agenda the talks that you are planning to attend. This tweet explains the process.

Is lunch included?

The ticket includes the coffee breaks, lunch, and the networking beers on Friday evening. You can specify any food restriction (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free) during your ticket purchase. As an alternative, you can use the cafeteria of the University or bring your meal from home.