Commit Conf

Madrid, 27-28 Nov

140 talks
2,000 attendees
49 communities

The recording is not the same

Make a list of the recorded talks "to watch over the weekend", or "one talk a day, during lunch." Totally. As soon as you make time.

Commit is not only an event with 140 talks — it's about meeting new people with similar interests, talking to the speaker after the talk, or finding out what the companies leading in IT are all about. If you stay at home, you miss the possibility of creating your own memories. It's not just about attending an event, but about living the experience.

Commit is a conference that explores all aspects of IT development with Spanish speakers, from software development techniques to Big Data, Cloud, or ML.

Our sponsors

Commit is a unique opportunity to position your brand, connect with your audience, and engage in the conversations that spark when teams are discovering new ways of creating software.

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Our commitment to diversity

Diversity in technological events leaves enough room for improvement. For this reason, we have decided to support different initiatives to help correct this.

Tech SHEssions

Tech SHEssions is a free program that we started three years ago to help technical women to leave the impostor syndrome behind and participate more actively in tech events, supported by mentors who have already traveled the same path. Read more about Tech SHEssions.

Diversity tickets

Diversity is not just a matter of gender. If you are a member of an underrepresented group (including, but not limited to: non-caucasians, LGBTQIA+, women, and people with disabilities), you can request one of our tickets available for diversity.

The registration for these tickets is not yet open, but we will announce it as soon as possible here and in our Twitter account.

In the previous edition

While you wait for Commit 2020, you can watch some of our recorded talks from 2019.

Our communities

This event is only possible because of the amazing content contributed by our communities. Get to know them and drop by a meetup to experiment a different experience.

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